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Meetings Schedule
We are having informational meetings open to any holder of a Retail Package Store license at the following dates and times:

Sunday, May 24th, 2pm
Moore Chamber of Commerce
305 W Main St in Moore.

Sunday, June 7th, 3pm
Big Dan's Steakhouse
3113 Williams Ave.  Hwy 270 inWoodward

Big Business, Big Lies piece from OETA is relatively fair although they failed to point out that...

Posted by Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma on Friday, April 24, 2015

Sooner Survey
You may see/have seen a poll recently published by "Sooner Survey" that claims that the majority of Oklahomans favor both wine in grocery stores as well as doing away with 3.2 beer. This survey was paid for and conducted by one of the three lobbyists who represent Walmart at our State Capitol. As a result, we are suspect of both the methodology and the interpretation of the results. We find it difficult to believe that Oklahoman's attitudes have changed so significantly since 2011 when Sooner Poll conducted this survey (

While we're skeptical of the veracity of the poll, we are not dismissive of the sentiment. Many Oklahoma consumers do want and deserve liberalization of our liquor laws. The RLAO is working within the legislative process to make changes that benefit the consumer without sacrificing local business and public safety.

As far as polls go, it's really all in how you ask the question. If we asked 500 Oklahomans whether they'd like to see the speed limit increased to 100mph on the highway, we'd bet we see overwhelming support. If we asked the same question but added "when the speed limit is increased to 100mph, the chance that you or someone you love will die on the highway is increased by 5%," we'd bet support plummets.

If you polled Oklahomans on whether they want teenagers to have easier access to high-point malt beverages like Four Loko or if they want to lose 300 or more locally owned businesses so Walmart can sell a limited selection of beer and wine, we think you'd see much different results. Simply asking, "How would you like for your life to be slightly more convenient?” which is essentially what these questions were, is unfair and misrepresents the true issues.

We think that, given the facts, a vast majority of Oklahomans would see the benefit of keeping dollars local and keeping streets safe over the small amount of convenience that would be gained should Walmart and other large corporate interests get their way.

The "Colorado" Option

"Michelle Reding, the co-owner of Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora, said her brewery was only able to grow as quickly as it...

Posted by Matt Stump on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Media Misses Mark on SB 383

Posted by Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Annual Meeting

We held our annual meetings in Tulsa & OKC in October of 2014 where the following topics were discussed:

- Wine In Grocery Stores

- In-Store Tastings

- Minors On Premise

- Refrigeration

- Limiting Of Future Licenses

- RLAO Membership

We agreed it was necessary to continue to educate the public on the benefiits of keeping our current system intact as well as demonstrate the negative side of having wine and strong beer in grocery and convenience stores.

We also decided to focus our energies on growing a strong organization so that we could move forward with several initiatives to benefit both the public and members of the RLAO.

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